Monthly archives for March, 2016

Time Flies By

Psalm 144:4 Lately, I have noticed myself saying, “Boy, time sure flies!” I was at my nephews 4th birthday party this weekend and heard more than once, “I can’t believe he is 4 already, where has the time gone?” I remember when I was little, I couldn’t wait for special days to come, like my […]

Windshield Wipers

Proverbs 12:28 As my daughter and I were driving down to the store on  a rainy day, my little girl says, “Mommy, Jesus is like those wipers.” “What do you mean?”, I replied. “Well, those rain drops keep coming down and getting in your way, so you can’t see right. Well, when the wipers go […]

Soak It In

Psalm 19:1 (NLT) I recently got a new job in an area of Pennsylvania that I have never really been in. As I made the long drive today, I looked upon the landscape from an outside perspective (I’m originally from northwestern Ohio which is extremely flat). Everywhere I looked there was a different beautiful scene. […]

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