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Stumble and Fall

Psalm 37:24 As a parent of grown children, I have had to learn not to interfere in their relationships, decisions or parenting. If they need me, they know I am right here. Well, recently the subject came up within my “girl’s lunch date” of how some parents do not know how to let their kids […]

Clear the Clutter

Is your home cluttered with things everywhere? Are you a hoarder perhaps with boxes and stuff ┬ápiled up so that there is no room to walk and it is just very difficult to get around? Our life for Christ can be much like this. So much stuff in the way that we get distracted or […]

Reflect and Move On

As I reflect on the highlights and the down sides of 2016, I can’t help but see God in every circumstance. It was a true roller coaster ride all through the year with my health issues, losing my job, gaining a better job, financial struggles and making enough money to survive and of course losing […]

Happy New Year!

2 Corinthians 5:17 How many of us have New Year’s resolutions? How many of us keep them? Exactly! Most resolutions are about getting healthy, losing weight, or maybe fixing a relationship that has failed. Whatever your resolution may be, you can be sure the only one that will truly stick is when you put God […]