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Make Him Proud

Hebrews 6:10 NLT Today’s scripture can be a little misleading. As Christians, we are lead to believe that our good actions cannot earn us “points” with God. We cannot “buy” our way into heaven by doing a certain quota of good acts. What this scripture does say though is that God remembers what we do […]

Your Role 

 Joel 2:11 A quartermaster is a military officer responsible for providing quarters, rations, clothing, and other supplies to others in the military. I work at a Christian book store and facilitate Simply God 101. This puts me in the ranking of a quartermaster. I supply, inspire and encourage others to fight the good fight for […]

Need Your Help

Matthew 28:16-20 This is one area of the church that I hate to preach about but there are times when you have to do what you have to do to keep the ministry alive. If every person that saw this devotion would give as little as $1.00 we would have enough to operate for 1 […]

Off the Pedestal

Psalm 44:8 How many of us know someone that is always talking of the great things they have done and is always putting themselves on a pedestal looking for aknowledgment and praise? I know at least a few people that are like this and some may not even realize they do it. As Christians, we […]

No More Fears

Revelation 21:4 Grief is a powerful emotion. It comes in many different stages and may take years to get through them all. Thankfully, we have God to get us through these difficult times in our lives. We go through many deaths in our lives; loved ones pass away, failed relationships, financial destruction, sickness and illness […]

The Good News

Mark 1:15 When we hear, “share the good news of Jesus Christ”, do we really know what that means? What is the “good news” of Jesus Christ? How can we share it if we do not know what it is?! When we read God’s word and of His promises and what He did for us, […]

Living Water

John 7:38 NLT Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night so thirsty that you chug down an entire glass of water in mere seconds? Imagine coming to Christ with that same thirst. Only he provides us with the living water. Water that washes away our sins and purifies our soul. That […]

Keep Going

2 Peter  1:5-8  (The Message) Reading two translations of today’s scripture, “The Message” made it clearer and more significant as to when we become believers in Christ we are not to stand still and be stagnant but to continue to grow in faith. How do we do that? We add to our faith arsenal by […]

Rear Mirror 

Isaiah 43; 18-19 I think it’s safe to say we all have regrets. As humans, we all make poor decisions and choices that eventually have “not so great” consequences. But, as we read in scripture today, we shouldn’t have regrets. In Christ, our slates are wiped clean; our past is dead and gone and we are […]

Wind Storms

Isaiah 26:4 These past couple of days, we have been listening to the wind whip and howl outside. At times it almost sounded like the roof was going to blow right off!!! A coworker of mine said the wind had blown their basketball hoop into the back window of her husband’s truck, shattering it. She […]