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Quick Decisions

Psalm 119:105 A bird flew out in front of my truck the other morning and well, you can guess what happened. My first thought was, “out of this whole huge sky to fly, you decided to fly right now into the path of my truck.” How many times in our lives do we make split […]

Good Morning Letter

Isaiah 9:6 Good morning my precious child. As you read throughout the bible, one of my names is “wonderful counselor”. I, my child, understand you far better than you understand yourself. So take comfort in knowing you can come to me with any problems or insecurities ¬†and seek my counsel. I love you and My […]

Sleep Tight

Psalm 9:10 As women, how many of us have laid awake in bed at night worrying about tomorrow? Thinking about what bills need paid, the household chores that need done, etc. I know I have had nights like this. But we as women can take comfort in knowing that it’s not all up to us […]