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“Be under obligation to no one—the only obligation you have is to love one another. Whoever does this has obeyed the Law.” (Romans 13:8). This verse got me looking up the definition of obligation so here it is; something by which a person is bound or obliged to do certain things, and which arises out of a sense […]

Never Failing

Hebrews 13:5 NLT When I read today’s verse, it was another instance of God speaking right to my heart just when I need it. My family and I just moved into a new home. There is a lot more space which is what we desperately needed!  But with this move has come new expenses on […]

Hard Times

“People can never predict when hard times might come. Like fish in a net or birds in a trap, people are caught by sudden tragedy.”(Ecclesiastes 9:12) Hard times will come in some shape or form. However, if you are prepared and trust in God to get you through, the rough times  won’t seem so tough. Jesus […]