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Lost Keys

If you’ve ever lost your keys, you know one thing – it can be frustrating! A few weeks ago, I lost some very important keys to me like my truck key and oh, the key to the business I work at! Not a good thing. You can’t open the door to your house, you can’t start your car […]

Keep Kindness Going

Ephesian 4:32 In these times of chaos, hatred, greed and selfishness; it is awesome to see a little bit of kindness spreading through our little town. In the past few weeks, our town has adopted a pay to pay it forward by sharing a kind word.  It involves simply painting rocks with inspirational sayings and […]

Thought for the day

Where do we find Wisdom? Are we born with a certain amount then as we grow and mature the wisdom grows with us? Is it from making mistakes or poor choices? Or does wisdom come by just living life and learning the do’s and don’ts?  I was asked recently where my wisdom comes from. All I […]

Don’t Forget

Deuteronomy 4:9; Judges 2:10-11 In the book of Judges, the Israelite’s forget about the things that the Lord has done for their people. They ultimately turn from the Lord to worship other things. In some ways, we can be like the Israelite’s. When we don’t read God’s word, pray, or worship, we may “forget” all […]