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Rooted in Jesus

I, for one, hate moving. Every time I feel like I’m settled in, feeling secure and finally taking root, something happens; like the landlord decides its time to raise your rent or maybe he has made the unfortunate decision to not renew your lease. Whatever the reasons are, it’s never an easy time. It can […]

It’s Necessary

I have written many times on here about unforgiving and the effects it has on you; not just physically, but mentally and spiritually also. And it is all true. My pastor preached about this over the weekend and he made a great point, “Forgiveness is not denying the pain or forgetting the facts, it is actually no […]

Let Go

Mark 10:17-31 How many times do we feel God wants us to move and do something, but it just seems like it is taking forever? Like the rich man in today’s scripture and how my pastor at church worded it, “we have to let go before God says let’s go”. All he had to do was […]

Thanks Everyday

I wish Thanksgiving was every day of every year. Not just for the awesome food, football, family and friends. But just so, every day we can reflect and remember what God does for us every day!  The first Thanksgiving – attended by 90 native Americans and 50 English Pilgrim settlers – was held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in […]

In the Light

As a child, I was afraid of the dark. I always had to have the bathroom light on or a night light to feel safe and keep the “monsters” away. Now that I’m an adult, I still don’t like the dark; but I know now there are no monsters under my bed. In life, we […]

But How?

I really don’t know how the electric is delivered to my house or how the internet works or how this little hand-held device I have in my hand right now can do so many amazing things. Sometimes we don’t need to know or understand the inner workings of things; we just trust they will be there. This is […]

Be the Blessing

Have you ever taken one of those gift evaluations at your church? They are supposed to narrow down what your spiritual gifts are. I have taken them many times and have found that over the years your gifts change. That isn’t a bad thing, it just shows you are growing and God is using you […]

Storms Don’t Last

James 5:13-17 It is so hard to understand why God allows suffering. In our scripture today, James gives us a little perspective. Now really think about this; why would God allow suffering? God, who in His infinite wisdom, allowed His own prophets to suffer in the hands of the sinful people whom they were ministering […]