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Love the Unkind

Ugh! Unkind people. How do you tolerate unkindness? We see it every day. In grocery store lines, parking lots, highways and even in our own family members. I¬†was taught to be kind and nice to everyone because we never know what others are going through or what has made them so angry, rude and darn […]

How Tough We Have It

This picture says it all. Sometimes we get caught up in our own lives and we forget what Jesus went through to save us from ourselves. Next time we find ourselves complaining how hard life is, lets us remember what He did for us. Look at this picture and really let it sink in. God […]


Have you ever gone through or participated in a corn maze? This time of year, there are several farms and pumpkin patches offering this activity that many enjoy. I myself prefer not to enter a maze on purpose. Sometimes, life can become a big maze. Every way you turn is a dead end; confusion and […]