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Hurry Spring

Hurry up spring! Ugh! I for one am over winter. It just seems like it will never end. Wishing the season away will not end it any sooner, but it makes us feel better to look forward to a new and refreshing season. Just as in life’s seasons, we all go through trials and rough […]


“Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.” Sometimes I feel like a weeble and sometimes I don’t feel like I can get back up. Life keeps pushing and things keep happening that want to knock me down. A friend of mine said to me, “I feel like a weeble; I keep on smacking my head on […]

Bail Money

Are you a good friend? Hmm, I hope I am but, what is the description of a good friend? Well, my thoughts are: Make yourself available anytime day or night, to talk to, vent to or in some cases, have bail money! Good friends also, pray for each other, let them know when they are […]

No Junk

Do you feel worthless? Nothing you do is ever good enough? Everything you try fails? You’re not good enough for the job, spouse or for anything or anybody else? Do you really think that is God talking to you?! Of course not! That is the devil planting lies, deception and crap in your mind to discourage you. […]

Break Through

Raise your hand if you suffer from the “winter blues”. It is real and can be crippling to some causing, depression, anxiety and loss of hope. Let’s face it, we can all get down and out no matter what the season is. Life can definitely get overwhelming at times with busy schedules, financial stress, relationship […]

Unexpected pleasures!

One of my favorite things in life. Unplanned visits, spur of the moment lunch dates, or my cousin calling me and saying, “get ready, I’m picking you up for a day trip”. Lol, yes, she has done this. I love the excitement of the unknown and unexpected adventures we have gone on. But then, when […]


Psalms 121:1 Ever hear the term “target fixation”? This is a term used many times in training to drive a motorcycle. This is a belief that when you focus on a target, if you don’t look around the target you will run right into what your looking at. For Christians, this can be a good and bad […]


I normally steer clear of the subject of marriage since I have had 2 failed ones; but I also learned some valuable life lessons through the struggles of trying to keep them together and then eventually, going through divorce. One of the best lessons was that some things are meant to die. My first husband […]

Teach Me

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.” (Psalms 143:10) How are we taught? By doing lessons, quizzes, and tests? Some of us learn faster than the others. Sometimes, if you’re like me, it takes a long time to understand and get […]

Not Alone

Ugh! Flu season. Even though I got my flu shot, I still ended up getting a dose of the stomach bug. Everyone around me only had the 24-hour kind so in my mind, after being sick throughout the night, I was going to be over it and good as new by midafternoon. Well, that didn’t […]