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Don’t Be Fooled

Beware of Satan! It can be so easy to get caught up in his web of lies and deceit. He has a way of fooling us into his way of thinking and seeing things his way. He will entice and make things look, feel and seem fabulous until you are fully in it; then, the […]

Suddenly God

Are you acquainted with our “Suddenly God”? Throughout the Bible, our Lord intervened suddenly in the middle of horrific circumstances as well as in daily life. Our God has a never-ending supply of sudden breakthroughs for all His children. God knows we certainly need them! Do you need wisdom, healing, strength, insight or provision? Whatever […]

It Will Pass

Grief is a powerful emotion. It comes in many different stages and may take years to get through them all. Thankfully, we have God to get us through these difficult times in our lives. We go through many deaths in our lives; loved ones pass away, failed relationships, financial destruction, sickness/illness and probably the worst […]