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Just days after Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and ascension to Heaven, a guy named Saul, who disliked Christ followers so much, sought and received a letter from the religious leaders to arrest and eventually kill any person that he found associated with “the way”. During his pursuit of potential victims, he is struck down by Jesus himself and […]

Inner Reason

If you’re asking why you are here on earth and your asking for selfish reasons, you will never be satisfied or at peace. You will get many answers to that question, but I believe there is more than one concrete reason. One of the reasons we are here is to be a blessing to others. Let us find inner […]

Guide Rails

On a recent stroll down the beach, I spotted a turtle nest quarantined off with yellow caution tape.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed that someone had meticulously crafted wooden ‘guide rails’ pressed into the sand creating a sort of turtle ramp leading to the sea. My first thought was:  Are you kidding me?  Baby turtles […]