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He Died For All

The Bible says in Proverbs 25:28, “Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control”. A city without walls would not be an independent city The Bible says in Proverbs 25:28, “Like a city whose walls are broken through is a for long. A lack of protection causes the city […]


For the past 7 months, my son and his baby have been staying with me. A broken relationship and wanting a better environment for his son brought him to stay with me. Although, this was a temporary living arrangement, it is now time for him to move out on his own. I know this is what’s […]

Handy Work

Have you ever gone through a construction or remodeling of your home? If you have, you know the mess, the destruction that it causes at first and during the process until it is all new and beautiful again. When we become new Christians, we are just like, a home remodeling. It may bring mess; a […]


Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Why is money such a delicate topic inside the Church? Friends, I do not think we need to view our faith and our money in a divorced way. If we boil down all our concerns, what I believe is possibly the […]

Spread the Love

I was at a grocery store today where you must put a quarter in the slot to get a cart free from the chain. An elderly lady was pushing her cart to her car after shopping and 2 young ladies were walking into the store; she flagged them over, gave them her cart, refused to take […]

Open Arms

How many times will God forgive me? I used to ask this question a lot back in my early days of being saved. I felt like, “there is no way God is going to let this one go”. We all make mistakes, poor choices and at times, go further down the wrong path than we […]

Will Not Be…

Friends, this morning I want to share a powerful story about pressure, tension and apparent suffering. However, it turns out to be a story about so much more in the end. Martin Ralph DeHaan, most famous for being the editor of the monthly devotional guide, Our Daily Bread, tells the story of a simple piece […]

Invisible Presence

With my son’s 3rd birthday coming up next week, I have done a lot of reminiscing. One of my thoughts was of how my son’s birth ultimately saved my life. During my pregnancy, I developed symptoms that I would later find out were from a brain tumor. The hormones during pregnancy had made it grow […]

Not Crushed

Our new sermon series at church is called “Pressure Points”. Wow! Very powerful lessons because who doesn’t have daily pressures? Young working moms trying to juggle every aspect of life and thinking everything HAS to be perfect because what would people think? Oh I did that for many years. I called it the “supermom” syndrome […]


This past week I had the privilege of receiving a sermon from the front row of the church instead of sharing a sermon from the platform. My friend, Jerry, challenged our faith family during his message in the area of drawing closer to the Son, Jesus Christ. One of his primary points involved the illustration […]