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Great Blessings

A portion of Luke 12:15 explains, “Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions”.  While Jesus was teaching in a poor community one day, a man decided to interrupt the spiritual teaching and ask Jesus to make a moral, if not a legal, ruling in his family dispute centered around an inheritance. Instead of […]

A Decision or a Compulsion?

Acts 19:21 is an overlooked, drive by scripture; but I think it may hold a very important message. It says that Paul “DECIDED to go to Jerusalem, but he felt he MUST visit Rome”. God sometimes uses our ability to make sound decisions on a daily basis: weighing pros and cons, considering personal desires, making […]

Beaming Love

Recently, I attended a friend’s mother’s funeral service. She was 92 yrs. old, lived a long life, raised 6 children and lost 2 of them years before she passed. In her lifetime, she suffered heartbreak, loss and I’m sure mounds of worry with just raising the 6 kids alone; However, what I learned about her […]