We are looking for people that want to share what God has put on their heart through devotions and poems. Today we are sharing one of those with you. If you would like to contribute to God’s kingdom through your words, please send your devotion or poem to simplygod101@gmail.com

My Prayer by Frances Jones

A prayer of things that have already passed – For the unfair justice in God’s name we ask. -To keep them strong through their torment and hell – To guide them through safely and keep them well. – The hill they must climb is crooked and steep – Their pride is all gone and their courage is weak. – Give them the strength for each day as it comes – Walk alone besides them till their time is done. – With you there to guide them I’m sure they wont fall – At the end of their journey they’ll walk straight and tall. God Loves Ya 😉 devo 3-20-15