Matthew 28:16-20

This is one area of the church that I hate to preach about but there are times when you have to do what you have to do to keep the ministry alive. If every person that saw this devotion would give as little as $1.00 we would have enough to operate for 1 year. We have been blessed to have one solo partner support this ministry since our beginning 4 years ago when we had only 40 people that received  devotions; today we send out over 6,600 devotions to over 49 states 3 days a week. As you can imagine, this is a huge increase. Now we need your help!! Below you will see a link to a site where you can donate any amount that will help support this ministry for a year. Jesus said, “therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations.” (Matthew 28:16-20) We try to spread the love of God in the simplest form which is through text and email. Please, if you feel a stirring in your heart to give, please do. We strive to encourage, inspire and motivate people to stay on track with the Lord. You never know how a small amount of love can change the lives of others. Please consider giving to keep this ministry moving forward. God Loves Ya 😉