Read- Acts 17:16-34

I know through my life I have said many times, “Why do I live here? I wish I lived ___.” or “I was born in the wrong decade or century.” Have you ever wondered how life would be if you had been born in a different place, with different parents, or even at a different time in history? Many of us have fantasized about this and have even felt that maybe things would have been much better for us if we had lived in a different place or had different parents. In today’s scripture we see Paul talking in Athens, full of Pagans and their gods. His speech clearly demonstrates that it was God who determined the exact time when each one of us would be born, who our parents would be, and where we would live. God does not make mistakes for He is the master planner. He foresaw your life and placed you in your family. We are here for a reason so we need to let go of the “what ifs” and accept who He wants us to be. Right here, right now, right where He put you! God loves Ya;)

right were you are