Let’s talk about being mad at God. We’ve all been a little upset with Him at one time or another. We’ve questioned His plan or pouted like a child if He didn’t answer our prayer the way we wanted from Him. At times, we’ve gone as far as to stop praying, took “a break” from church and avoided any conversation or discussion about how God being Good. We pretty much act like a kid – stomping up the stair steps to our room if we didn’t get our own way.  We need to remember, God already knows the plans He has set for us. If He decides to shut a door that we have waited so long for to open, it’s because He has something better in store. I personally have questioned God’s plan a few years back when my marriage failed, I lost a job I thought I would have forever and fell into financial hardship. Today I can honestly say, I know during all those hard times and struggles, God never left me once and I am so Blessed today because of those losses. He knows what is best for us way more than we do Folks! Keep Trusting and Believing in the One True God, Let that anger Go! No one will ever Love you more than God! Have a Blessed day!