Acts 19:21 is an overlooked, drive by scripture; but I think it may hold a very important message. It says that Paul “DECIDED to go to Jerusalem, but he felt he MUST visit Rome”. God sometimes uses our ability to make sound decisions on a daily basis: weighing pros and cons, considering personal desires, making choices. As part of our service to God, we may decide to go to church, decide to put a 20-dollar bill in the offering plate, decide to shake the pastor’s hand and tell him you enjoyed his sermon. Those are all good decisions, but when was the last time you felt compelled to do something God was calling you to do? What is burning within your soul? When was the last time you recognized that God has allowed you to decide to do a number of things for the church, but I MUST DO ……., for His sake? What is that fire in your belly? What is He calling you to DO, and you won’t be satisfied until you DO it? Something that seems so scary but can be so exhilarating after you answer that call? Yes, God permits us to make decisions in service to Him, but what is He urging you to passionately do to build His kingdom? – Judy Ennis