On the last night of church camp when the invitation would be given to nearly 100 elementary aged children to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord,  I walked alongside the children as they moved from the camp fire to the chapel. They sang and prepared their hearts along the way. I had been the Dean of the camp longer than their lifespan, a counselor before that, having invested one week per summer for nearly 40 years. As we walked, I too prepared my heart, praying in silence for each precious life. When we reached the old chapel, I watched the children go inside ahead of me. The Lord then spoke to my heart, allowing me to see the scene before me in a new way. Those children were pouring through the chapel doors just like they were pouring into heaven. Because of my obedience, and that of all the counselors who share God’s love for the week of camp, countless lives have been changed for eternity. In a holy moment, I then joined in, following the children up the stairs and into heaven – symbolized by that most sacred chapel. I am grateful beyond words for the privilege of being used as a vessel for the Lord to usher children into His presence.- Dee Dee Ogden (Dean of Camp Penn Church Camp)

devo 10-31-14