Psalm 89:14,15
Why do we find it hard to pray sometimes? There are many reasons; one of those problems is that we might think of prayer as an obligation rather than a privilege. We think prayer is something we should do rather than something we get to do. I remember when I was a child, I took saxophone lessons. I was supposed to start with scales, which I hated, so most of the time I didn’t practice at all or I practiced half-heartedly out of obligation to my parents knowing that they had spent a lot of money for me to get these lessons. I look today and see all these great sax players and all the opportunities I may have missed out on. I wish now that I would have taken practicing more seriously. In the same light, we must take prayer more seriously as it is a privilege but also the way in which we connect and maintain our relationship with God. There are numerous accounts throughout the Bible about praying to God and how important it is. There are also numerous places throughout the world where people are forbidden to pray. We are blessed to have the privilege of praying and having an open relationship with our Lord and Savior. Let us take our praying seriously. God Loves Ya;)