Why we created this site?

God called me to start this website in 2013. This was inspired by the Holy Spirit after I started running a texting ministry in 2012. I knew since I was 18 years old that I was supposed to do God’s will and to lead others to Christ and then to assist them along their journey. However, finding what exactly that calling was, has been elusive until I started the texting ministry. I believe too many churches and evangelists bring people to Christ and then leave them to fend for themselves; I am what I like to call a “closing the back door” type of person. Accepting Christ is not the finish line, it is the starting line. I feel like I am that person who is standing on the curb during a marathon, rooting and encouraging the runner, and if they are not sure which way to go next, giving them a helping hand.  I needed guidance and mentoring when I first accepted Christ and did not receive it.  I believe due to that and worldly influences, I strayed away from God for many years. I had been searching to find the light and going in many directions until I found a mentor and small group to support and love me. I pray that through this ministry we can touch as many lives as possible with the love of God and collectively provide the much needed support for each other that Christians need.  I want to keep the personal touch intact, so I will be posting and responding often, just as I hope you do the same. We are not on this journey alone, there are many instances in the bible proving that, and here at Simply God 101, we hope to walk with you until Christ calls us all home.

God bless,