When we read that God loved the world or that Christians are to love one another, do you think we have trouble understanding that? Is it possible for us to think we understand it and we really don’t? If you were to look up love in the dictionary, you’d find that it has eleven different meanings. In English, we have only one word for love whereas Greeks had several words for it – one word for the love mothers have for their children; another for lovers; another for friends. But when we say that God loves the world, the Bible uses a completely different word; the word agape. Agape is more than a feeling; it’s more of an action. It’s doing something for the benefit of another whether that person deserves it or not. It’s more centered in the person doing the loving than in the person being loved. That is God. We may never understand this kind of love, but we need to be thankful for the agape love of Christ. God Loves Ya 😉