Psalms 100:4

I, being part Native American, going out to the Pine Ridge Reservation a few years back was an awesome and eye opening experience to say the least. I was excited to gain knowledge of their spiritual beliefs while being able to compare it to what I have been told. There isn’t enough space here to talk about my findings. However, there is one thing I can relate to and that is the fact that they are thankful and give thanks for “EVERYTHING”. I don’t mean just before meals or when they wake up or go to bed. They give thanks throughout the day for everything. They believe their very existence is because of the Great Spirit (God) and thank Him continually. What a lesson to learn! So many times I fall short in being grateful; especially when things are going well. I forget to give thanks to the one that gave me the ability to breathe and the opportunity to wake that morning. Let us always be grateful and thankful to our God for everything in our lives, whether in good times or bad. After all, He gave us the greatest gift ever, His only son. God loves Ya 😉