Psalm 33:4-6

My wife is an example of steadfast belief and trust in God. She was recently diagnosed with a lesion in her brain that is not life threatening (for now), but is indeed a danger to her well being. I know if I would have been told over the phone, “hey your results are in and you have a mass in your head; we need to refer you to a neurosurgeon”, in which they couldn’t see her for over 3 weeks, I would have freaked out. So, that whole time, she had to wait with no other information and that my friends would have put me over the edge. I would have been calling someone everyday trying to get information and my Google would have been burned down with all the research I would have been doing. Not my wife; she was calm and went on with normal life like nothing had changed. After a few days, I had to ask her, “Why are you so calm; why aren’t you going nuts with worry?” And her answer was simple, “No matter how bad it is or whether I need brain surgery or not, there is no sense in worrying and getting so upset about it. I trust in God and whatever He wants is what will be.” Wow! I felt like a fool but at the same time, I envy her to have that much trust and faith in God. What a lesson to learn; trust in the Lord and your anxiety and worry won’t defeat the faith you have in the mighty healer. God Loves Ya;)