While singing the worship song “Whom Shall I Fear” during our church service last weekend, I immediately thought of my church family. In the last 2 years of our membership with our church, our life has been turbulent to say the least. Our church family has always been by our side to support, encourage and pray with for us. They have been my “army of angels”. Just recently, my mom had a health scare; I was truly overcome with emotions and did not know what to do. I had some big decisions that I had to make. At one point, I crumbled and cried out to God, asking Him for help. He says that He does not leave us and is always by our side, even in the storms. But what does that look like?? When I cried out to him and prayed, thinking that there was no way I could get through this, someone in my church family would text, visit or message me via social media. Or a friend would reach out. And at one point, I even reached out to some in the church just to sit and pray with me. These are all examples of ways that God shows us He is there and will take care of us. He utilizes His children to be His hands and feet, carrying out His loving ways. So, when you are in the storm and questioning where God may be, look at those around you. He is there 😉 God is good 🙂