Luke 4:14-30
There is little mystery over what anger is, the bigger question is, “What makes anger sinful?”¬†There can be something powerful and good about anger as well as bad; however, anger drives us not to right what’s wrong with us & the world, but rather it deepens ourselves into a seething, simmering body of resentment. Vengeance, which is the ultimate and final righting of what’s wrong with the world, is God’s business – not ours! (Romans 2:6 NLT)¬†When anger consumes us we find ourselves in isolated prisons of rage, where we are unable to relate to anyone else or God. How can we faithfully address anger? 1) Recognize anger can be a natural response in the face of injustice. God created us with emotion and passion. 2) Let anger out, preferably in church with God’s people, in prayer and in conversation with God. 3) Remember vengeance is God’s responsibility, not ours. When God had a grand opportunity to strike us down for our sin, and it would have been justified vengeance against us, God majestically forgave us through the blood of His son! Let us name the sin of anger in our lives, confess it, and move on in Jesus Christ!!! God Loves Ya;)

devo 3-17