Have you ever been so angry at God you didn’t know how you would  ever get over it? Anger is a very human emotion. We can read all through Psalms how David felt abandoned by God in his days of struggle, waiting for what seemed like eternity for answered prayers. We’ve all been there. How could God have taken my child so young and innocent? Why didn’t my marriage work out? Why all this sadness, loneliness and despair? Where are You when I need You the most? Unanswered questions, confusion and not knowing what good could possibly come from what is happening. Being angry at God can only bring us more sadness, more devastation and destruction. In the times that I have been so mad at Him, I just kept praying that He would show me what He wanted me to learn out of my loss and confusion. Have faith my dear friends. He has great plans in store for all of us; I feel it will all become clear one day when we meet Jesus in the heavenly realm and we will say, “Oh, now I see” and we will give thanks for our painful trials. Keep the faith; trust in Him. He loves you more than anyone ever could. Have a blessed day! 🙂