I was at mile six when my music paused and my phone rang through my earphones. Typically when I am running, I don’t answer my phone let alone while racing in a half marathon. However, knowing that I was the emergency contact for my sister who was also running the same race, I had to answer the call. “Hello” I answered breathing heavily. On the receiving end, I heard my son’s voice, “Hi Mom, how’s it going?” “Is everything okay?” I asked. He said, “Yes, I just wanted to say “Hi.” I told him I loved him and would call when I was finished. My son’s phone call reminded me that just like our personal relationships on earth, our Heavenly Father wants to talk with us too. We often respond with I’m too busy God or listen to ME God about what I have to say. We block the call of God when we respond in these ways. A thriving relationship requires us to talk and listen to each other. Failing to communicate in this manner can lead to misunderstandings, stress, and false assumptions. God communicates to us in specific ways. He clearly speaks to us when we read the Bible, through others and the Holy Spirit. Listening to God speak to us though the Holy Spirit is not only normal, it is essential (B. Hybels). May we be reminded daily to slow down, un-rush and listen long enough to answer God’s call. He desires time to talk with you, his precious child; say “Hi” and ask “How’s it going?”  – Melissa Lundy

devo 10-24-14