Luke 1:39-45
When reading the story of the Virgin Mary and what is happening in her life at this time, we might wonder at this point in today’s scripture what Mary might be thinking. “Who do I tell?” Who do you tell such news to? Who do you dare voice such a reality to and who would believe her anyhow. We are told that Mary makes her way to her cousin Elizabeth’s house and this is where Mary will break the silence about the situation that she finds herself in. As far as we know, Mary tells no one else, just Elizabeth. Mary is willing to make a 9 day, dangerous journey; terrified, walking in fear, and carrying a silent burden.  We all know how that feels, how it gets worse when we carry the burden of a secret. Mary breaks her silence with Elizabeth. Elizabeth not only supports her but understands, encourages and believes here. Everyone needs an Elizabeth in their lives.  And we all need someone that we do this for. Who is your Elizabeth? Who are you being an Elizabeth for? Who can celebrate with us? Cry with us? Hear us brag? And at the same time who do you encourage? Challenge? Teach? Listen to? God Loves Ya 😉

devo 12-8-14