Psalm 52:8

We read in the book of “Revelations” about the end times, Jesus’s second coming, the rapture and the final Judgement day. Honestly, it can be confusing and a little scary to read these scriptures and to actually know what is going to happen. However, the one thing we can do is to be ready, no matter what or when things happen.  Do we live the life He wants us to be living? Are we doing good works, being good disciples, bringing others to Christ? It’s never too late to surrender to our Lord and savior, He loves us unconditionally, He will meet you wherever you are no matter how you come. It doesn’t matter how broken and weary you think you are, God will restore your mind, heart and soul and give you new life in Him. When someone asks, “Are you ready for Jesus’s coming”? You can say “Yes I am” Praise God! Have a blessed day! 🙂