1 Samuel 3:1-21

With 2015 coming to a close, my husband and I have been talking about things we want to work on in 2016. One of my suggestions was that we put aside our electronic devices more during our down time. Often times we are scrolling through Facebook, playing a game on our phone, or playing with one of the many other apps that interest us on our tablet or phone. I know that personally I have felt a disconnect in my relationship with God this past year and realized that I have not been taking the time I should to spend with Him and to shut the world’s noise out so that I can hear his voice. During idle times, I find myself itching to keep myself preoccupied with my cell phone. Take the time to put aside the distractions and be ready and prepared to hear God’s calling like Samuel in today’s scripture. God is ready….are you?? God is Good 😉 – Ashley

12-30 devo