I had an experience at the grocery store recently and I felt the need to share. I truly believe things happen for a reason and it always turns out to be a Godly lesson. I was pushing my fully loaded grocery cart out to my car. As I looked up, there was an elderly man walking toward me. The pathway was quite narrow, so I apologized for being in his way. He replied, “Oh that’s fine; I will help you then take your cart”. I immediately felt fear and nervousness as to why he wanted to help me. Not many other people were around at the time which was even scarier. All I kept thinking was, is he going to rob me or steal my groceries? Like, what are his intentions? After he helped load my groceries he said, “Have a nice day and a very Happy New Year!” I felt so horrible assuming he had ill intentions. It’s so disheartening that this world has gotten so ugly and dark that we question acts of such kindness. As a child of God, I felt so sad that I would judge that man with having no idea of who he was or anything about him. I got in my car after he walked away and prayed that God would let me see things through His eyes. I prayed for the world and all of us in it to have more faith and trust in mankind. God, we need You in this world. Let the Holy Spirit surround us all and let Heaven come down. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen. Have a blessed day!