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God-given Ability

2 Corinthians 3:4–5 True competence begins with humility, recognizing our natural abilities but acknowledging that they can only carry us so far. With that knowledge, we begin to realize that our incompetence is merely a starting point. We don’t have to be perfect; we have the freedom to be the uniquely gifted, talented and competent […]

Solid Ground

Psalm 62:6 When my parents divorced, I was just getting ready to go away to college. At the same time, my mother was battling an illness that most people do not understand. My brother and I felt as though we were alone. I found it hard to be away at college while my brother was […]

Loosen the Grip

Loosen the Grip

Ephesians 2:10 While in college, I pressured and pushed myself to be perfect; to be the perfect size, to have the perfect grades, to be a perfect singer, to be the perfect friend, etc. I ended up developing an eating disorder and became so focused on my looks and being perfec that I skipped classes, […]

Making God Laugh

Making God Laugh

Proverbs 3:5-6 While on Facebook the other day, a picture came across my news feed that stated “If you want to make God laugh…tell him your plans.” How true this statement is. Just when we think we are in control of our lives and think that we have it all together, God proves us otherwise. […]

Outside the Walls

Outside the Walls

Romans 15: 17-20 My grandmother always had a strong personality and would intensely discuss her views on religion and politics. When growing up, I remember at family gatherings my mom, aunts and uncles would always say, “No one bring up politics or religion”. We are often told that in social circles, these are the two […]


Due to the growth of the outreach ministry of Simply God 101, we will be upgrading to a newly designed web app starting January  2014. The new web app will allow us to grow beyond our current limitations and customize the delivery of the devotions. Standard Msg rates will still apply. If you are already […]

Wow Factor

John 6:1-14 Did you ever have a “wow” factor moment? That moment in your life when you say, “That wasn’t possible”? You see something accomplished when at first it looked impossible, but there it is – right in front of you in all its glory. Today’s scripture is a great story of God’s miraculous powers […]

How Will They Know?

Everyone in our family has a box to put special keepsakes in.  When I opened my box the other day to place an item in it, I thought, “What do these items tell about me?” If someone searched inside my box, would they know that I am a Christian? Often we give clues to others that […]

Fill in the Cracks

Psalm 139 Re-pointing is a masonry term that means you dig out the old mortar (cement) from between the bricks and fill it in with new mortar. It makes the wall or building look better from the outside but it also strengthens the wall. When we first come to Christ, we have a lot of […]