Dear Heavenly Father,
As children transition back to school this week, we pray they would have a will to learn and a desire to do their best. Help our children to obey the rules. May their classrooms be safe and welcoming environments so they feel at ease, but at the same time are willing to take risks.
This school year we ask friendships to blossom that are favorable in your eyes. Please guard against bullying and caving into peer pressure. Give students the tools to use wise words and actions to empower them to resolve conflicts one may encounter. Help our children to be the person(s) you’ve designed them to be Lord.
We pray for teachers’ wisdom and planning as they prepare for the school year. Provide them the knowledge and resources to deliver effective lessons. May they see their students as your children and feel unconditional love for them. Continue to encourage teachers and staff daily. Grant them guidance, integrity and perseverance in all circumstances.
We pray for families to make a smooth transition this school year as routines are established and fall into place. May they accept and embrace change a little easier knowing you are in control. Give parents encouraging words to use with their children as needed. Help them to recognize ways to stretch and shape their child(ren) to reflect your image.
Forgive us for times when we worry… Remind us that you are Rabbi, which means teacher. Together we will all learn from you as we trust in you this school year! 
Amen- Melissa Lundy

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