Are you a good friend? Hmm, I hope I am but, what is the description of a good friend? Well, my thoughts are: Make yourself available anytime day or night, to talk to, vent to or in some cases, have bail money! Good friends also, pray for each other, let them know when they are heading down the wrong path or maybe as sticky as it could get, let them know the relationship they are in, isn’t the best one for them. They may get upset with you, even in some circumstances, stop talking to you. But the truth hurts sometimes. You are just trying to save them from a world of hurt. Sound familiar? You got it! Jesus does the same thing! He is our ultimate friend. Always available to us. He will let us know if we are screwing up. Praise Him for being the best friend we could ever have! He may not provide bail money, but He will make sure He is with you during your stay! Have a blessed day!