Proverbs 11:25-26

While out doing some Christmas shopping today, I couldn’t help but notice the hustling and bustling of people looking around for the perfect gift to buy their loved ones, friends and co-workers. I might add, most were not wearing their happy faces. Kids were crying, husbands were grumbling and wives looked frazzled. Why do we do this every year? We have a whole year to show the people in our lives, the ones who are there every day for us unconditionally, how much we love and appreciate them. So why, one day a year, do we frantically shop till we drop? I really don’t have an answer except this is what society and this world has taught us, the bigger the present the better. However, we as Christians should not conform to worldly ways; we need to show others the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ and how God gave us his only son to save us. There is no greater gift than that. This Christmas, share God’s love, do something nice for someone, lend a hand to someone in need or give a parent a break if they seem overwhelmed. Just reach out and be a blessing. It will touch way more hearts than any Walmart gift will. In God’s love 🙂 – Lori Moore