Philippians 2:3

We all know the hit tv show “American Idol” and we all know the famous, brutally honest, and most disliked judge “Simon Cowell”. Not long ago, I ran across someone at work who is, let’s say was very arrogant and self-righteous. She was very focused on herself in her mind; she could do anything and could not do wrong. She would put others down and discouraged them in her boasting, making them feel less than valuable. I felt the need to be her “Simon Cowell”. One day I took her aside and gently and kindly explained how she was making others feel and that her “It’s all about me attitude” isn’t working here. As I stood there waiting for her response, she apologized! She said she had no idea that she was making people feel worthless and mindless. She then shared, she was so focused on trying to impress management and making herself look good, she wasn’t thinking about anyone else. In the end, she thanked me for letting her know what nobody else would. Everyone needs a Simon in their life sometimes to humble ourselves and to let us know it isn’t all about the or ourselves, Have a blessed day! 😉1-28devo