1 Peter 3:15

Recently a couple coworkers of mine were having a deep debate on God and the Bible. One is a believer; the other a non-believer. They both approached me with a question of my belief. I was a little hesitant at first because I wanted to represent God to the non-believer carefully but boldly. I certainly didn’t want to seem judgmental in any way, but knew this was a perfect opportunity to share God’s word. Unfortunately, she was unsatisfied with my answer and the debate continued between the two. I felt very awkward and uncomfortable talking to the non-believer, mainly because of the reaction I may have caused. Suddenly, I felt convicted of my feelings; me, a child of God, uncomfortable about sharing His truths? I took time to pray about how I was feeling and I realized If I am a true believer in Jesus Christ, a strong Christian like I claim to be, I need to stand firm and bold in my beliefs, never walking away from an opportunity to teach others the truth about Jesus and never fearing the reactions of others . My lesson of the day is to stand firm and bold in the word of God, always be prepared to share the good news of Christ and to not be ashamed of being a child of our one true King. Have a blessed day! :)- Lori Moore