Merry Christmas! This morning as you wake, begin realizing anew and afresh the revelation of Christmas.  The boy born in Bethlehem just a couple of hours ago isn’t simply a baby, He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  As I pondered this truth this past week, I came across another truth that further explains the beauty of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.  Jesus has always been about others. He was born in another man’s dwelling.  He was laid in another man’s manger.  He would preach in another man’s boat.  He would ride into Jerusalem on another man’s colt. He would eat His last supper in another man’s upper room. He would pay for other men’s sins. He would die on another man’s cross.  He would be buried in another man’s tomb.  And if this was not all amazing enough, the most beautiful part of the story is that this Christmas Jesus wants to live in another man’s heart.  Friends, take a moment and join me in declaring: “Jesus, be born in me this Christmas.” Your day, week, month and years to come will never be the same when the light of Jesus lives within you and is shared from you every day going forward.  Stay close to Jesus. -Pastor Bryce