1 Samuel 16:7 NLT

I can remember being in my room when I was a kid and when the lights were out a shape was formed in the corner,  kind of  resembled a person or , in my young mind, even a monster, just sitting there watching me and every move I make. But when the sun came up in the morning I see that scary thing that was taunting me all night was just a mirror with clothing hanging on it. Our eyes literally need light to work properly. The fact is, we can vaguely see in the darkness, we can make out shapes but when the light shines bright we can see everything very clearly and distinct fully. This is also true in life. When we walk around in spiritual darkness things appear to be quite different then they would if we allowed the light of Christ to shine on them. When we look at people in the dark sinful way we see a much different person then we would if we looked at them with the light of Christ. We are all made in the image of God and that image shows through when we turn on the light of Christ and see that true beautiful creation of God. So next time you think you see a monster turn on the light of Christ so you can see with the true vision of Christ. God Loves Ya 😉