Read – The Bible
Lawn grass is amazing. I hate mowing it and taking care of it, but grass has one thing going for it, it is resilient! By the end of fall, it looks somewhat brown and dead.  It stops growing and loses its color, but then spring comes around and ‘abracadabra’…it’s back – healthy and beautiful.  The Bible itself is resilient.  The Bible was printed in 1454 A.D. by Johannes Gutenberg and has been around ever since. Having been burned, banished, ridiculed, and made illegal, with many other attempts to destroy it, the Bible perseveres. According to the Guinness book, “It has been estimated that between 1815 and 1975 some 2.5 billion copies of the Bible were printed … Since 1976 combined, global sales of Today’s English Version … have exceeded 118 million copies.” Jesus said in Matthew 24:35 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Let us be as resilient as the Bible.  No matter what trials and tribulations we encounter, we need to persevere and continue to come back time and time again, and never be ashamed of the cross of Christ and what it means to us. God loves Ya;)

words will never pass away