Recently, I attended a friend’s mother’s funeral service. She was 92 yrs. old, lived a long life, raised 6 children and lost 2 of them years before she passed. In her lifetime, she suffered heartbreak, loss and I’m sure mounds of worry with just raising the 6 kids alone; However, what I learned about her at the memorial service that day was of the courage, strength, and compassion that she had. She was a loving person, mother, wife, friend, sister, grandmother and aunt to so many. My lesson was that no matter what we go through in life, in God we can prevail and still live a beautiful life in Him. “Kate” was an awesome lady and anyone that knew her felt the love of Christ beaming from her. My only hope is that we will all leave this Earth with that kind of legacy of so much love that everyone will know we are a child of the one true God! Amen! Have a blessed day.