Mark 16:15

When someone passes away, it is devastating. But, perhaps what is more upsetting is not knowing if they excepted Christ before they died. Recently a woman came  in to the store I work at (a Christian book and gift store) and was searching for something religious to put on her husband at the funeral. My feelings of compassion and empathy went through the roof. However, the bigger question I asked myself was “did he except Christ before he died?” We never know if someone on their death bed called out to God, but all we can do is hope. How much more reassuring is it for us, the left behind or the grieving family member, to know that our dear one accepted Christ before being on their death bed. This should teach us a lesson; if we want to spend eternity with God and have our family by our side, we need to make sure we tell them about Christ and pray the Holy Spirit works on them to accept the gift of eternal life. So many times I have attended funerals where they say “I will see them in heaven” but the big question is, are you really sure? Make sure you tell them before it is too late. God loves ya 🙂