Mark 16:16

What does “Being Saved” mean to you? Does it mean no matter what we do we are going to Heaven; is it a one way pass to Heaven or is it permission to disobey and be undisciplined in the eyes of God? I pray it is a Bible based answer. To be saved by our Lord and Savior means to me, “Freedom, everlasting life in the heavenly kingdom with God the father, We are washed clean from all our sins, past, present and future by the blood of Jesus Christ, He died on that cross taking all our sins away so we can live, be free of Satan’s power and give glory to our almighty God forever! We are alive, blessed and free because Jesus Christ “saved” us. He loves us, the undeserving sinners that we are; He chose us to be His children and He chose us to be His hands and feet. Being saved is a true, loving gift from God; cherish it, embrace it and share the good news to others that they can also be saved! Have a blessed day! 🙂