Galatians 5:16-26 (NLT)

Through our lives our behavior is a product of our beliefs. When we are young, we observe behavior then identify our feelings to what we observed and eventually behave the way we observed.  When we come to Christ with our whole hearts, the worldly equation gets reversed.  For example, I observed my father beating my mother a lot when I was a child. In my early years, I found myself almost behaving the same way – (I didn’t thank God) but the temptation was there. You will hear many times, “well my father or mother acted that way and that is the only way I know how to act”. When we come to Christ, the whole thing gets shifted around and this is how it works. We believe and accept Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Holy Spirit works in us and our feelings start to change; we feel differently about everything, once we feel differently our behavior changes. Eventually, we get to the point we try to imitate Christ and want and desire to be like Him. Then, we start being His hands and feet and produce fruit which Paul talks about in our scripture today. We stop being self-centered and become Christ-centered. If our belief is our root, then the behavior will be our fruit. God Loves Ya 😉

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