Romans 8: 26-28

Gods plan is always the best; sometimes the process is painful and hard, but don’t forget that when God is silent He’s doing something for you! I don’t know who quoted this but it is so true. Going through some tough things right now and I lost sight of where God is and felt that He has abandoned me.  I get frustrated and angry that things aren’t going my way. Then, after talking with some friends and Christian brothers and sisters in Christ, I realized that it is all in God’s timing and even though I think things really stink right now, my God who is mighty in wisdom and mystery is working to make things better for me. Father, forgive me when I don’t trust or when I get frustrated with you and your plan. I know you have something in the works for me and it will be better than anything I could ever dream of. Amen! God Loves Ya 😉