Job 8:9

n a blink of an eye, oh how they grow; where did the time go? How often have we said this? I know I have especially when I look at my beautiful 6 children. There is no doubt time is moving faster; especially the older we get. But the one thing we need to remember is, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” That’s right we are the pilot; but we have a co-pilot that takes the wheel for us and steers us in the right direction. This time we have on earth is very short but there is good news. We have an eternity ahead full of love, peace and happiness with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. No more tears, pain or death. So this life might pass very quickly, but some times we have to say thank God because I know something better lies ahead. Experience the most out of this time on earth; learn, enjoy and love every moment for time flies but it’s headed for a better place. God loves Ya 😉