“If you think you have blown God’s plan for you, rest in this, you are not that powerful.” – unknown author. Oh, how many times I have blown it. I would say to myself, “well you did it this time Terry! God is never going to get over this one!” However, somehow, in only God’s way, he continues to bless me and lead me in a direction I never imagined and it’s beautiful; so, I can start over again. Our understanding of God’s ways are so far over our heads, so far past our comprehension, that we will never totally absorb the amount of love, patience and tolerance He has for us. God always makes things work out; but like I heard over the weekend, “God’s gonna do WHAT He’s gonna do WHEN He’s gonna do it.” We must trust in that promise and keep on keeping on. When we think we have blown it, God is there; just be patient and wait for Him and follow His lead. He will never let you down. Praise God! God Loves Ya 😉