2 Samuel 11:1-15
Lust is not desire. Desire is normal. God gave us desires. They are not just normal, they are a blessing. Desires bring joy and fulfillment into our lives when they are properly acted upon. The issue is what we do with those desires. Love gives, but lust takes. So how do we win victory over the sin of lust? Be in the right place. Avoid opportunities to engage in lustful behavior by avoiding circumstances that will tempt you. Avoid boredom. David had nothing to do, so he ended up doing something he shouldn’t have. Find people who will hold you accountable. Sin always grows in the dark and in secret. Once we expose it, it begins to lose its power. So find an accountability partner. Of course, we can also bounce our thoughts away from temptation and onto God. Lust enslaves, but Christ has set us free. That is a biblical promise and it might help to memorize Paul’s words to the Galatians in v5:1. Lust has been nailed to the cross so that petty, carnal, animalistic people like us can be welcomed into God’s presence. Bounce your eyes to Christ. God Loves Ya;)

Devo 3-31