John 6:25-35
Have you ever been down and out when it comes to being hungry? If so, you might be able to relate to what Christ is telling us here in this verse. We can’t UNDERSTAND the kingdom of God until we EXPERIENCE the kingdom of God.  Jesus says…I am bread. Feed on me! Treat me like hungry people treat bread. Consume me. And find wonder in that! But when Jesus refers to bread, He is referring to much more than an edible substance. He is referring to survival, dependence, life itself. It means that we are so filled with Him that our bodies respond to Him. It moves us beyond just thinking and pondering to doing and responding. This is why perhaps the most spiritual things we can do is offer ourselves as the body of Christ as His hands and feet…that we would be bread for the world. That we would offer life and nourishment where there is none. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 6-2